How Buzzing Producer Braaheim Is Successfully Shifting From Covers to Original Songs

Hailing from Norway, Braaheim is rising through dance music’s ranks one single at a time.

With just shy of four million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 200 million streams across platforms, Braaheim has become one of Soave Records’ brightest stars. His affinity for producing intoxicating covers is unmatched, taking on a wide array of genres—like slap and tech house to progressive—and making them his own.

Braaheim’s last two releases, however, saw him dive into the world of original productions. Returning to Soave, he dropped the stunning “How Do You Love Me” back in April before following with “Feel Again,” another refreshing, upbeat dance record.

Both tracks feature euphoric synths and anthemic vocals while combining modern production aesthetics with the energy of ’90s rave music. Braaheim’s recent shift has been well-received by fans, with the two tracks now flaunting over 1.2 million combined streams on Spotify at the time of writing.

We caught up with Braaheim to discuss his project, production style, future plans and more. How would you describe Braaheim? And how would your next-door neighbor describe the project?

Braaheim: Well, I would say I’m pretty patient in the long term but I’m damn restless when it comes to ideas and that stuff. I just wanna do a lot of things at once. So, I guess I’m pretty crazy and calm at the same time. Also, I’m not a quitter and I’ve got a lot of stupid ideas. As well as being a 100% dreamer and food and red wine lover!

I’m 100% sure my neighbors just think I’m crazy. Both as a person and for trying to make a living with music. I’m from a small town in Norway, so to be a musician and live off of it is not something people from around here would recommend! What is the origin of Braaheim, in a nutshell?

Braaheim: Well, if I got this question right, basically me in a nutshell! I would say I’m pretty all over the place. Always testing and trying new stuff. I get some ideas in my head and listen to one other song on the radio and: boom! I have to test that myself. If I see tips or tricks on mixing/mastering, producing or even marketing, I’m trying it out, 100%. Failing aaaand then try something new again. But I’m not a quitter! What made you want to focus on producing originals instead of covers, like you’ve been doing for a while?

Braaheim: I actually want to show my creativity a bit more. I love to make covers of course and try to be as creative as possible with them. But at some point, that’s getting harder and harder. So, for me now, I want to go back making originals like I did under another artist alias I had called Braaten & Chrit Leaf. The only difference is that I’m more into party and uptempo songs with the Braaheim alias. Since I love to DJ and see people’s reactions to my own songs. That feeling is so special! And even more special with original songs. “How Do You Love Me” is currently supported by big Scandinavian radio stations like NRK mp3 and KISS. What feeling do you get when your track is played on radio for the first time?

Braaheim: I’M ALWAYS SO HAPPY when I hear my song on the radio! Can’t be more specific! “How Do You Love Me” and “Feel Again” are both sped-up house/techno songs, which are trending right now. How important are trends in your creative process when making music?

Braaheim: For me it’s all about doing what I love, producing music and sharing it with the world. So for me it’s important to follow trends so I can reach out to as many people as possible and focus fully on my dream job which is producing and DJing! What can we expect from Braaheim in the near future?

Braaheim: Right now I’m trying to blend techno and commercial EDM. So I’m trying so much different stuff, and I can’t wait to share it! I also will upload more music on Soundcloud, and I have prepared five DJ sets for YouTube that I can’t wait to share with people! If you can skip to five years from now, what dreams do you hope to have achieved?

Braaheim: One of my goals at the moment is to have a song featured on the Main Stage playlist on Spotify. I’d also love to collab with some bigger artists, make an original hit song, and to play at festivals, Call it a guilty pleasure or secret dream, but of course, it would be amazing to play a set on Tomorrowland someday. I am pretty sure I’m not alone on that one. It’s gonna be a long way but I will keep fighting for it!




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